20 Years. Well, only the last 20

1999 saw the registration of business and to get ready for operations.
After working in the industry for 26 years including managing both small and large business units, it was time to go it alone.

Standing in a completely empty rented shed in Sydney’s Seven Hills, Helen & Warwick looked at each other and said “Wow, we better start doing something”.

That something was to fill a void and produce timber components – eventually, lots of timber components, millions and millions of components. Supplying customers these components frees them up to concentrate on the critical things that they needed to do for their businesses’ success by taking care of some of their production costs and time.

Experience gained prior to commencement was invaluable in being able to understand the existing supply lines, relationships around them and the potential that still stood in the chain. A valuable conduit was able to be formed between sawmills and timber component users. Strong and enduring bonds have been formed up and down the supply chain through maintaining integrity and respect. The identified gap in the market was now being filled.

After a ‘start-ups’ expected hard path of working extremely long unpaid hours the reward slowly became reality. Family support and their active involvement were the only means of establishment initially until additional staff could be afforded. The neighbours of our rented factory unit came to hate us as we loaded and unloaded semi trailers in what used to be a quiet cul-de-sac.

Purchasing the St Marys site and installing more sophisticated equipment were the financial commitments required to make it a long term viable supplier to what has become a diverse industry, customer and product base.

From then to now PTS has been able to play an active part in the Australian timber industry by improving local fibre utilisation, offer career paths for staff, provide for employees & their families, pay tax (plenty) and offer customers a value benefit to their businesses by allowing them to network their own production.

As we look to the future, the opportunities for our industry seem endless. No other material can boast the ultimate sustainability features. A strong and sustainable product offering is possible now and more so in the future with even better technology development. New products and product areas are emerging. Improvements in supply formats and inventory control still has much to offer.

PTS has done a lot, is doing a lot but still has a lot more to do. Look to the future and go there.