By installing 469 photovoltaic 260w panels on the roof of the St Marys processing facility it becomes an official ‘Power Station’. The 122kw system is providing a significant amount of the power requirements for the site.

The installation received approval for subsidisation in the form of Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGC’s). However there is still a significant capital investment by Programmed Timber Supplies that underlines the company’s commitment for processing product now and into the future.

It remains somewhat ironic that a processor in the forest industry sector can receive a subsidy for solar power generation by virtue of the reduction in atmospheric carbon where the massively more significant carbon sequestration achievement by value adding timber product is unrewarded.

All the high-bay lights in the facility have also been replaced with movement sensor and staged dimming LED lights. A PFCU has also been installed to reduce demand spikes. The commercial decision behind these installations become more justified as power prices rise. It is a future-proofing exercise.

It is not surprising that Programmed Timber Supplies would consider and commit in this way as this is how the company approaches all things. Look ahead and go there.